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Vintage cars, these old cars were at the cutting edge of technolgy one hundred plus years ago. How technolgy changes. Today there are cars that can drive on the public roads with no human driver. What will be in another one hundred years? It is difficult to imagine how future transport will become.

These vintage cars can be seen on the roads every year during November. The start location is London where the drivers in these old cars set out on the worlds oldest motoring event, heading for Brighton which is in Sussex, England. The weather during November can be pretty damp, and with many of these vintage cars there is little protection from the weather.

Many of the pictures in this gallery were taken on a wet November day. It can be seen quite clearly how open to the elements these cars are.

Veteran cars or classic old cars are here. A great collection of old classic cars. Many of the cars are over one hundred years old. There are French, English and American vintage car pictures. Famous names such as Renault, Peugeot, Humber and Oldsmobile.

A gallery of vintage cars. Humber, Jackson, Lambert, Mercedes, Napier, Oldsmobile, Panhard, Peugeot, Rambler, Renault, Schaudel, Sidderley, Speedwell, Star, Sunbeam, Swift, Thornycroft, Tony Huber, Velox and Wolseley.

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